MIRIAM AIDA – QUATRO JANELAS – New album out December 02 

Miriam Aïda is releasing her new album ”Quatro Janelas” in December and the album contains mostly original music, with lyrics by 4 brazilian lyricists: Etel Frota, Adriana Sydor, Alexandre Lemos and Thiagu Gentil. The music of Miriam Aïda and her band, Mats Andersson on 7 string acoustic guitar, Ola Bothzén and Finn Björnulfson on percussion, is a lovely mix of samba from Rio, afro-Brazilian rhythms from candomblé and capoeira with influences of reggae, jazz and soul, and along with their own Swedish musical background, they create a unique vibe with a strong identity and sound.


Except the original songs, the album also includes versions of Bob Marley’s Stiff Necked Fools, David Bowie’s Starman and Baden Powell’s Consolacão – all with portuguese lyrics.





New Album February 25 2015:

Fredrik Kronkvist MONK VIBES feat. Jason Marsalis, Reuben Rogers & Gregory Hutchinson.

Alto saxophonist Fredrik Kronkvist releases album with Thelonious Monk’s music along with three American superstars.

When Kronkvist releases his new album MONK VIBES he continues cooperate with some of the hottest names on the jazz scene with Jason Marsalis on vibraphone, Reuben Rogers on bass and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. This time they dedicate themselves to interpret the genius composer Thelonious Monk’s music and spirit. The unusual constellation with alto saxophone, vibraphone, bass and drums create a different, challenging sound without the piano and gives the group wide open spaces for colorful improvisations. MONK VIBES reflects Thelonious multidimensional universe where simplicity and complexity come together in a beautiful, danceable and contrasting music.The album contains wild conversations, humor, calypso beat, odd time signatures, blues, beautiful ballads and a tonal language that sounds as skewed as obvious.

Release Tour in March:
3 Västerås/jazzens vänner
4 Stockholm/Fasching
5 Uppsala/Katalin
6 Höör/Höör Jazz
7 Lund/Mejeriet 13.00
7 Köpenhamn/Montmartre 20.00
9 Varberg/Jazzcorner
10 Malmö/Palladium
11 Växjö
12 Helsinborg/Jazz i Helsingborg

Line-Up on tour:
Fredrik Kronkvist – alto sax, Jason Marsalis – vibraphone, Martin Sjöstedt – bass, Daniel Fredriksson – Drums