Miriam Aïda

Miriam Aïda
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Miriam Aïda – one of Sweden’s most popular jazz singers
with an international career has lately been performing at

the Blue Note in Tokyo, London, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow,
Helsinki, Oslo, Palermo, Berlin and of course all around
Sweden. After her time exploring the music traditions of
Brazil and her success with the albums Meu Brasil and Letras ao Brasil she has
been spotted in several national TV shows. Miriam´s
extensive talent travels through a number of musical
landscapes and since her album-debut in 2002 she has
released 7 albums as a leader.

MIRIAM AIDA – QUATRO JANELAS – New album out December 02  


Miriam Aïda is releasing her new album ”Quatro Janelas” in December and the album contains mostly original music, with lyrics by 4 brazilian lyricists: Etel Frota, Adriana Sydor, Alexandre Lemos and Thiagu Gentil. The music of Miriam Aïda and her band, Mats Andersson on 7 string acoustic guitar, Ola Bothzén and Finn Björnulfson on percussion, is a lovely mix of samba from Rio, afro-Brazilian rhythms from candomblé and capoeira with influences of reggae, jazz and soul, and along with their own Swedish musical background, they create a unique vibe with a strong identity and sound.


Except the original songs, the album also includes versions of Bob Marley’s Stiff Necked Fools, David Bowie’s Starman and Baden Powell’s Consolacão – all with portuguese lyrics.


Miriam Aida_E_De_Lei

Miriam Aïda Afro Samba Orchestra ́s new album “É de Lei!” contains intimacy, melancholy, boiling energy, happiness, mystery and a journey deep into the heart of the afro-brazilian music.
On this album Miriam Aïda is joined by the Vindla string quartet, two woodwinds, 7-string acoustic guitar and two percussionists to play the music of brazilian legend and founder of Afro Samba, Baden Powell (1937-2000).
Through an international collaboration with the brazilian arranger Jayme Vignoli, the arrangements have been tailor-made for this ensemble. Jayme Vignoli is one of the most sought-after arrangers in his native Rio De Janeiro and on ”É de Lei!” you hear his masterful writing which are complex, multi-dimensional, colorful and expressive. Jayme Vignoli is not only a briliant arranger but also a great musician and he plays cavaquinho on 3 tracks.
The album features one of Rios greatest singers , Marcos Sacramento, who joins Miriam in a beautiful duet on ”Samba em Prelúdio”, recorded in Santa Teresa, Rio.

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Miriam Aïda


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LETRAS AO BRASIL presents an intimate setting with voice, acoustic guitar and percussion who delivers the dynamic variation from a gentle whisper to the carnival-feeling of Rio and expressive Afro-Samba from Bahia. The never-ending possibilities of colors and rhythms from the percussion and the intricate harmonic arrangements lifts forward Miriam Aïdas artistic way of telling a personal story through music. Letras Ao Brasil contains new-written poetry in Portuguese interpreted from the original master poets from Sweden. On this album we have realized the vision of connecting some of the best Swedish composers and lyricists with the new lyrics of highly acclaimed Brazilian poets Guilem Rodrigues da Silva and Etel Frota. The Swedish dreamy and romantic melodies are given a new flow and a natural sounding smoothness with the beautiful Brazilian language. Since Miriam´s successful album Meu Brasil (2006), recorded with some of Rio de Janeiro..s finest musicians, she has continued to explore the Brazilian music in its different facets with the devoted musicians in this group.